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Six Biggest Divorce Mistakes

• Throwing in the Towel
• My Way or the Highway Approach
• Betting the Farm on Another Relationship
• Wanting Gurantees and Certainty
• Not Getting Help from Enough Resources
• Forgetting Who the Decision Makers Are

Find out how to Avoid These Mistakes

Looking Back On Your Divorce

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• How do you want to feel when you look back on this time?
• How will your actions during this time inspire others?
• How do you want to model for your children dealing with difficult times?
• Who are you when you are at your best as a parent?
• What is the bigger purpose you can see for yourself?
• What values are important to you and guide your choices?
• As you look ahead to the next chapter, what have you learned about yourself from this experiece?

What is a Divorce Coach?

Divorce coaches don’t offer legal advice and they can’t represent you in court, but they can help you sort out ways to solve particular problems, point you towards needed information and resources, and provide tips and strategies to handle your emotions as well as those of family members.




About Me

Diane Campa

My name is Diane Campa. I am a certified Divorce Coach. I specialize in working with women leaving long term marriages facing an uncertain future navigating separation and/or divorce. They feel overwhelmed, betrayed and confused…and don’t know where to turn. I help them get more clarity about what they want and find their inner (personal) strength, so they rebuild their confidence and security.


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